Sustainable Futures Consulting strengthens organizations and leaders who are improving the human condition and creating sustainability for
the natural world.





Social Justice




Sustainable Futures Consulting creates clarity, communications, and connections that enable clients to fulfill their business goals and honor their core values. We support alignment among leaders, employees, partners, and customers/clients, while working with them to nurture communities and the environment.




Sustainable Futures’ founder, Susan Kaplan, offers the accumulated skills and wisdom of decades of proven impact. She’s worked in highly complex companies, public agencies, and young, agile organizations. She can step into any circumstance, assess the needs of an organization and its leadership, and get to work, starting with the big picture and working down to the smallest details.

Susan has elevated values and boosted effectiveness in multiple sectors, including state and federal government, global and local businesses, and nonprofits. She has a sophisticated understanding of the interplay between sectors, and intimate knowledge and understanding of healthcare, clean energy, sustainable practices, and public policy. She is an enduring champion for social, environmental, and financial sustainability.

Susan has supported and advised a broad array of corporate executives, nonprofit leaders, and government officials throughout her career. She stays in touch with colleagues and taps her broad, diverse and powerful network to connect you and your ideas to expand the impact beyond what would be possible without collaboration.

As a change agent, Susan seeks and deploys best practices. She’s a big thinker, a problem-solver, and a planner. She will listen, probe, and research to understand your needs and hopes, discovering unfilled needs and gaps in services or communications. This is where she goes to work to ensure the gaps are closed, and then improved.

Driven and trained to step up to the plate, Susan also creates positive impacts in her volunteer leadership roles. She is a family woman, a climate protector, a political activist, an outdoors-woman, and a community builder.