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Sustainable Futures Consulting clients have a partner who understands what they’re up to, who will apply tried and true expertise to fulfill their needs, and work effectively, strategically, and swiftly.




Client • voi
project type | FACILITATION

It was time to choose where to focus near-term efforts. We had created Voi’s brand, marketing collateral and website, and the team had pitched the technology at national conferences and demonstrations. I facilitated a strategic planning session for key officers and the marketing team to prioritize resources and hone strategies. After we stood back, looked at the SWOT analysis, and reviewed Voi's goals, the team made key decisions and pivoted to focus on a few key market players.


client • Reno energy Consulting services
project type | creation

Maureen Reno, Founder of Reno Energy Consulting (RECS), needed to establish her brand and move beyond her current business model. Together, we created her vision, mission, tagline and company narrative; outlined market strategies; and developed content and creative for her website and collateral. 


client • Aquifer
project type | IMPLEMENTATION

Several ambitious projects were going on in parallel and the staff was working at capacity. I was brought in to ensure its re-branding project stayed on track with the messaging, creative, and new website, while managing key milestones with the senior team. Deep into the details, I tracked progress on content and user interface and activated external and internal experts as needed to complete the project successfully, despite a significant barrier or two. 



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Leslie Fall, MD
Founder & Executive Director | Aquifer

“During an ambitious time in the evolution of our non-profit organization, Susan’s strong, effective work to help Aquifer develop and launch its new brand and mission expansion was indispensable. Susan listened, understood what we needed, and got right to work. We could not have succeeded without her experience, effort, and dedication to our vision.”

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Rick Johnson

“What I really appreciated about Sue's contribution is that she was invested in our success, navigated through the ups and downs of a new company, and kept her focus on what we were working to achieve. Just as important, she is a true leader who "takes ownership" of a project, provides clear guidance to her team, and completes her tasks flawlessly and on time. She made my job so much easier. Sue is a wise, flexible, and highly effective professional.”

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Caity McLaughlin Lischick
Director, Strategic Engagement | Sametz Blackstone Associates

“Sue was a key player in our comprehensive re-branding and web build project with Aquifer. Diligent and detail-oriented, she was a powerful ally in keeping everyone focused and on schedule. Certainly more than a project manager, Sue brought a welcome strategic perspective to our collaboration with her thorough understanding of Aquifer's product and the needs/ wants of target audiences––and was a trusted advisor to the leadership team. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her.”

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Maureen Reno
Founder & Principal | Reno Energy Consulting Services

“Sustainable Futures Consulting helped Reno Energy Consulting Services stand out in a very crowded and competitive energy sector.  We hit the ground running because Susan understood our values, business model and value proposition from the start. She leveraged her experience in the energy industry to help us identify our target market and develop a powerful marketing strategy. It was a pleasure to partner with Susan due to her accessibility and flexibility throughout the project. Her focus, talent and deep understanding of the industry yielded a high-quality branding platform and internet presence that will serve us well for years to come.”